North Shore’s premier pool service company

Keeping your pool clean and in ideal shape can be a lot of work. Let Cobalt Pools handle your swimming pool cleaning service needs for regular maintenance and keeping your swimming pool crystal clean. Our weekly pool service helps take some of the hassle out of pool ownership, so you can spend more time enjoying your backyard oasis.

A neglected pool can be a costly pool! If not regularly cleaned and maintained, it’s all too easy for your pool to end up with algae or other contaminants. Not only does this look unsightly, it could potentially be a health hazard. We offer a full clean-up and swimming pool maintenance service, returning your pool to its former glory. Whether you need weekly, scheduled maintenance or need a neglected pool brought back into commission, we have the right equipment and skillset to get the job done. If you’re not sure what the best course of action might be when it comes to cleaning your pool or have any other questions, we’re always happy to help.


Cobalt Pools has the personal touch: every job is finished like it was our own home.


We take great care to leave every job site exactly like we found it. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


Don’t want to wait around all day for your pool service? Our convenient online appointment system lets you easily schedule and track your service call.